Industry Experts

Designed specifically for lower middle market PE firms ($5mm to $450mm EBIDTA), our industry expert searches support your success when evaluating new investment opportunities. We quickly identify, vet, and present de novo candidates to assist in evaluation of your next steps, either before or after IOI or LOI.

Original Research

Our expert searches and evaluations are based on original research driven by your specific inquiries and intelligence needs. We do not pull from existing databases or assign from a pre-set “stable” of category talent or force fit a match.

We originate conversations with deep dives into industry subject matter to identify what fuels decisions around sourcing, competitive differentiators, budgets, purchase priorities and more. We’ll talk with everyone from fire chiefs to farmers to CEOs, and decision makers at every level to find the minds who know intimately what makes or breaks industry category success for manufacturers, distributors or outsourced service providers. We seek truly unique perspectives and insights for our clients.

Timing and Track Record

The turnaround time for our searches is generally under five business days. Our highly personalized process has proven successful in hundreds of searches helping to streamline our clients’ due diligence necessities. Our searches to date have included a variety of diverse industries, such as medical device manufacturing, specialty meats distribution, gas chromatography, cold storage and wine wholesaling, professional employer organizations, LNG testing services, refractory manufacturing, pharmaceutical wholesaling, industrial casting, auxiliary airport services, and dozens more.

Singular Focus

Your search is yours only. Unlike larger organizations that are forced to wrestle with the challenges of client conflicts, our boutique size and select client base allow us to focus fully on our clients’ specific needs. Our significant investment in research technology also enables us to quickly target potential candidates. This efficiency brings valuable and necessary speed to the search for clients of variable sizes and budgets.