Finding the Right Candidate

Understanding Your Firm and Culture

Responsive and Flexible

For over twenty-five years, Dragonswood Advisors Dragonswood has been a trusted retained executive search firm. Generally, our focus is on the middle market to include: Accounting, Service, IT, Distribution, Utilities, Finance-Private Equity/Investment Banking, and Manufacturing.
We work in partnership with clients to identify the leadership qualities required for organizational success. Each assignment begins with extensive research to identify comparable companies and prospective candidates. We also obtain client consensus on the position’s specifications, reporting relationships, proposed compensation parameters, and a profile of the candidates salient personal and professional characteristics. Once the search begins, we elicit client feedback throughout the process.
Each client engagement is a partnership. We are quick to respond and flexible in structuring working relationships. Together, we begin by learning as much about your business and your search as possible. We conduct extensive due diligence into your company, products and services, and corporate culture, philosophy, as well as the competition. We utilize integrated computer-based technology to provide comprehensive access to business information and individual managers.
We guarantee all of our candidates for one full calendar year.